Lucienne "Cenna" St. Clair

"No no. I’m not late. Your clock is possessed."


Classification: Psychic
Birthplace: Cleveland, OH (Cleveland Clinic)
Last Known Residence: 42 North Walnut St., Malin, OH 44107
Known Associates: Briallan Inc. BRIAR Department. Abracabicus (band). Stellar Crawl Of The Clockwork Enemies (band).
Known Relatives: John St. Clair (Father). Vianne St. Clair (Mother- deceased). Shanice St. Clair (Step-Mother). Robert and Grace St. Clair and Marcel and Marie De La Roux (grandparents). Dorothy Jackson (step-grandmother).
Relationship Status: Unknown

Key Stats

Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 146
Date of Birth: March 6th, 1992
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo on inner wrist [bass/treble clef together to make a heart and the letters “VSC”]

Known Powers: Dowsing.

Training: None.

Personality Notes: Ms. St. Clair is unreliable. Shows some potential and has reasonably good interpersonal skills, but is often late, absent, or apathetic towards her work. St. Clair is reasonably adaptive to new situations, and a quick learner, but unmotivated. She seems to enjoy socializing and the arts. Suggestions- involve in committee for organizing corporate events.

Off the Record: She’s been moved around more departments than anyone else, but she’s golden. I hear it’s because her stepmom has never lost a case and is poised to sue. Must be nice to be so carefree about what or who you do. Rumor is she’s had everyone from Rich the night janitor to Pharrell Williams when he was on tour in 2012.

Theme Song:
“Every Now and Then” – Noisettes
Every now and then I get a feeling
That I’ve left something behind me
But I don’t know what it is yet…
…With every new step along the way
I hope the wind’ll blow you
Back into my life
At the end of the road
And still, every now and then I hear a voice
Singing to me softly
Deep inside my head
And it sings till I fall asleep
If I’m only dreaming
Won’t someone tear the curtains down?
Tear the curtains down


Lucienne "Cenna" St. Clair

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