Character Creation

If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably interested in making a character! I’m glad to hear it, so let’s get started.

First thing you’re going to need is a concept! But, what all does that entail?

You’ll need:
A name
Former Department in Briallan Inc
Abilities/Skills you want
Paranormal Experience

Most of that seems pretty obvious, right? Well, let’s talk about the stuff that doesn’t.

We’ll be using Hero System for our mechanics. Though we will be drawing from the “Second Sight” book for inspiration when it comes to powers.

Paranormal Experience
Your character will need to have, at some point at least, had a run-in with something paranormal. This can be that they themselves have psychic abilities, that they went to a very active haunted house, curse on the family, or something of the sort. Please keep in mind that most of the genre will focus on psychic phenomena and that of ghosts or spirits.

Don’t get too specific when submitting your basic concept, just give a couple sentences where needed and then wait for a response.

Let’s wait together

Did you get your approval? Awesome, so now you need to flush your background. The minimum is 2 pages typed, size 11 font, preferably submitted in a commentable Google Document. If you’re having trouble deciding about your character’s history, maybe these questions will help.

What kind of home life did your character have when they were a child?
Any siblings?
Where are their parents?
What does your character do for a living now?
Where did they go to school?
Are there any motifs that follow them?
If they have any free time, how does they most often spend it?
What are their interests?
Does they have a wife? Husband? Partner? Kids?
How does they view people?
How are they perceived by people?
Do they have a favorite animal? Color? Food?
How do they react to stress?
What do they believe in?
Do they have any bad triggers or trauma from their past?
How old are they?
Is the character a spin off from something, or inspired by something in particular?
If they have any abilities, what are they?
How and when did they manifest?
Have they gained any kind of control?
Are there any themes to their story? Any motifs?

When you have your history ready to submit, I’d also like you take the time to think about and answer these questions as a player. This helps the Staff to form a good story for you and to ensure that this is a good fit for both player and ST.

Player Name:
Character Name/Concept:
Can Attend Regularly?:
What You Want Out of This Game:
Things You’d Like Your Character To Experience:
Things You Want Left Out of Your Story:

You don’t need more than a couple sentences for each question, further discussion can be done in person during character creation sessions.

Once this is approved you’ll be sent to the Sheet AST. Once he and the HST have approved your sheet and your concept you will be allowed to post your bio! Here’s a sample of how they will look, but the formatting can be sent to you directly so that you only need to copy and paste it into the provided box.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Character Creation

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