Welcome to Briar

Welcome to the B.R.I.A.R. Department!

What does BRIAR stand for?

Briallan’s Research Investigation And Resolution

What do we do?

We use our knowledge, skills, and honed abilities in order to investigate and understand occurrences in the world that have beforehand defied or eluded explanation. This includes, but is not limited to: the existence and development of psychic abilities, the science and exploration of the astral plane and it’s inhabitants, and the biology and ecology behind creatures that have yet to be scientifically classified.

Work will be conducted both at the corporation as well as in the field. Case files will be made available when possible, and will be essential in our part in the resolution of unsolved or perplexing cases. You will have access to various institutions and resources that would otherwise be unreachable, but these privileges are revocable. They are, however, able to be expanded upon as you show Briallan Inc how dedicated you are to making the world a safer and more understood place to live.

How do other departments of Briallan Inc view B.R.I.A.R.?

Most people have heard of it, but are under the impression that we’re just agents, researchers, and skilled workers that have been chosen to deal with the most sensitive cases. They have a bit of suspicion about us, but it’s mostly just jealousy. Some of Briallan’s other experimental programs have been rather successful and have led to people climbing in their field or within the company.

What does the public know about B.R.I.A.R.?

Almost nothing, they mostly just see us as members of Briallan Inc, there to help. We do have special clearances arranged with many branches of law enforcement, so that our research and resolutions are not hindered.

What are the rules of B.R.I.A.R.?

Due to the sensitive nature of what is being discovered, all findings are to stay within the department. Only the department’s coordinator is given the clearance to disperse information, and even then only to the highest members of Briallan Inc. If any members of your family are to be made aware of what you’re doing, they are to also sign a contract with Briallan Inc. To violate a part of your contract is to risk termination or incarceration.

To sell information to other companies or organizations is considered treason, and will be punished to the fullest extent.

Welcome to Briar

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