Briallan Inc

Our Roots….

Emrys Briallan founded the corporation in 1903 after he and his wife, Elin Briallan, helped put together a small task force when Lake Erie flooded our great city. It was a very difficult time for Malin, and unfortunately chaos broke out. The task force found ways to purify water, provide shelter to those who needed it and even nourish them with food. No one understand exactly why it happened, but regardless of what it was it sparked something in the married couple. They began to do research into various fields of medicine, science, and law. And in time they had trained people how to handle various kinds of natural and engineered disasters.

It took many years before it really took hold, but when it did Briallan’s company finally expanded outside of Malin. By that time the couple already had three children, but still found time to help Briallan Inc flourish. In 1959 Briallan Inc finally went international, opening it’s first branch in London. Now we have over five hundred branches spanning the globe, and more sprouting up every year.

What We Offer

We offer emergency response and trauma services for areas suffering from natural disasters, outbreaks, or calamities. Briallan Inc. is funded by donation from private citizens, other corporations, and of course allied governments. We have various departments that help to isolate and resolve all areas of instances that might otherwise spread or cause irreparable damage.

The Family

As you already know Emrys (1876-1942) and Elin (1883-1959) Briallan were the founders of our corporation. One that we feel is very much like an extended family, so we like to pay tribute and honor the family that brought us all together. They had three children, each of which was essential in the growth of Briallan Inc.

Seren Briallan (1905-1987)
The only daughter born to the Briallan’s, she dedicated her life to the company, focusing primarily on the administrative portion of the corporation. She hired, fired, and kept up to date on policy. Her Navy husband helped her to form good relations with the U.S military that would be essential for furthering the dream of Briallan Inc. Their only child, Darren (1948-present), would later inherit the company after the 2nd generations of the company had passed.

Morgan Briallan (1907- 1978)
The first son of the family, he would follow in his brother’s footsteps and become a doctor as well. He married a geologist and would have two daughters, twins. His family, much like him, helped to further research that would develop into the services and knowledge that we now have today.

Rhys Briallan (1911-1982)
The youngest of the group he was the more adventurous of the trio, but his knowledge of the world came to be of great use in later years. He remained unmarried, but still dedicated his life to the company that his family started.

Briallan Inc

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